Oral History

I am an oral historian trained at Columbia University’s Center for Oral History Research and I have worked on a variety of oral history projects.


Me interviewing Benito Santiago in San Francisco for the Narratives of Displacement Project in Sept 2014

Currently I am “Director-At-Large” of the Narratives of Displacement Project with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. By foregrounding the stories of people who have been (or who are being) displaced from San Francisco and those who resist, this project creates a living archive that documents the deep personal and neighborhood histories in an online interactive platform. This project and its interactive maps can viewed here: Narratives of Displacement and Resistance

I am also a member of the Groundswell Oral History for Social Change Network. Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change is a network of oral historians, activists, cultural workers, community organizers, and documentary artists that use oral history to further movement building and transformative social change.

Here I work with the Oral History & Anti-Oppression working group. Its aim is to articulate ways that oral history work can help challenge oppression and to present/lead workshops with other oral history practitioners to bring in more anti-oppression/human rights model skills and intervene in the “Giving Voice” model.

I also worked from 2012-2014 for The Brooklyn Historical Society’s Crossing Borders Bridging Generations Project. For this project I conducted many interviews with people from a variety of mixed-heritage and mixed-race backgrounds. I also wrote an article on the subject of talking about race through oral history that can be found here.

On December 2nd 2014 the New York Times published an article on the project titled: “A Look at Looking Different”

In addition I was featured in an In These Times article about Oral History and Social Justice: “Terkel’s Torch Bearers”

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